In 2017 the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP) Europe was established in Brussels. The aim of TIMEP Europe is to offer profound political insight on the Arab World. TIMEP started as an advocacy organisation in 2013 in Washington DC, presenting the voice of the revolutionary generation of the Arab Spring. It offers reports and briefings based on the reality on the ground in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia and other Arab states. In Brussels, we want to evaluate EU foreign policy towards the MENA region and give advice on what the EU could do better.

TIMEP Europe organises public events with top figures from and on the Arab World; is doing briefings at the European Institutions as well as in European capitals; and strives to make available the most up-to-date information on terrorism and migration in and from the Arab region. 

To read more about TIMEP in Washington, DC visit their website.