Maher Hamoud is a Brussels-based academic researcher in Middle Eastern studies at Ghent University, former editor-in-chief of the Cairo-based Daily News Egypt and author of Chocolate Filling: Notes From Under The Belgian Crust. Follow him on Twitter @MaherHamoud1.



Holly Dagres is an Iranian-American analyst and commentator specialising on Iran. She is the curator of the weekly newsletter, The Iranist. Holly regularly conducts interviews on radio and television, including ABC News, BBC Radio, Fox News, Global Post, NBC News, NPR, TIME, The Guardian, and Vogue, among others. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Al Jazeera, Al-Monitor, Atlantic Council, Buzzfeed, Foreign Policy, the Huffington Post, and Voice of America. Holly holds a BA in political science and French from UCLA, and a MA in political science from the American University in Cairo. Follow her on Twitter @hdagres.