International Business Times: Sudanese refugees ‘tortured’ after Belgium repatriates them

Belgium controversially allowed the Sudanese government to check refugees.
Critics say the oppressive regime misidentified genuine refugees as illegal migrants.
Now several have claimed they were tortured upon returning to their home country.

— Josh Robbins, Journalist at the International Business Times

In October 2017, TIMEP Europe uncovered the fact that the Belgian government had invited a delegation from Sudan to help identify Sudanese refugees in Belgium. This delegation turned out to be composed of members of the Sudanese intelligence services. Early December 2017, TIMEP Europe collected the testimonies of several Sudanese who were deported from Belgium following their meeting with the delegation. As it turns out, the migrants were threatened by the delegation, and pressured to agree to return to Sudan. Upon arrival, they were detained for interrogation. Some were beaten and tortured. All live in fear of the Sudanese police. Het Laatste Nieuws first covered the story (in Dutch).

Read here coverage of the issue in English by the International Business Times.

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