Masterclass Middle East – Lecture #1

The Silk Road of the Middle East 

21 February, 17:00-19:00

Résidence Palace, Wetstraat 155, 1040 Brussels


The first lecture will be on The Middle East as the centre of the world, and its periphery. It will look at how trade, religion, identity and authority have shaped regional and global history not only of the recent past but over many centuries.


Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan is Professor of Global History at Oxford University, where he is founding Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research. He works on the history of the Mediterranean, Russia, the Middle East, Persia/Iran, Central Asia and beyond, and on relations between Christianity and Islam.

His most recent book, “The Silk Roads: A New History of the world” has been described as ‘magnificent’ (SundayTimes) ‘ dazzling’ (Guardian), ‘a rare book that makes you question your assumptions about the world’ (Wall St Journal) and ‘not just the most important history book in years, but the most important in decades’ (Berliner Zeitung). It has topped the Bestseller lists all around the world, including in the UK, India and China.

Visit his website and follow him on Twitter @peterfrankopan.


The lecture will be introduced by Caroline Pauwels, Rector of VUB


Prof. dr. Caroline Pauwels is the Rector of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). She studied Philosophy and Communication Sciences, and presided the Department of Communication Sciences for the past years. She also directed the research center SMIT (now part of IMEC) where she was head of the Digital Society Department. In addition, she functioned as government commissioner for the VRT and is a member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts. Follow her on Twitter @PauwelsCpauwels.



Free access.

UPDATE on 09/02/2018: Lecture 1 is now fully booked! Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates regarding a possible live streaming or recording of the event.


UPDATE on 28/02/2018: Videos of Lecture 1 are now available:

* Introduction by Caroline Pauwels, Rector VUB:

* Lecture by Peter Frankopan, Oxford University:

Q&A podcast:


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This Masterclass is co-organised by TIMEP Europe, Arab Leaders for Freedom and Democracy, and the Institute for European Studies at VUB.

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